Hi there, I am Verena.
I am a Designer & Illustrator and so much more...





Icons · Small Pets

Navigation icons for a mobile app

Apps · Flighty

UI/UX & Product Design for an iOS app

Illustrations · Caasco

Several illustration for this B2B web application

Drawings · Animals

Hand drawn using Procreate on iPad

App Icon · Flighty

Creation of the app icon for an iOS app

Illustrations · Scooter App

OnBoarding and other illustrations for a mobile app

Illustrations · Houses

House illustrations using Sketch

Icons · Caasco

Design of navigation icons

Website · Caasco

Web design and development

Illustrations · Stuff

Various illustrations using Sketch app

Illustrations · Mobile App

Various Illustrations for a mobile app

Drawings · People

Hand drawn using Procreate on iPad

Illustrations · T-Shirt design

Various fun designs for T-Shirts and other print products