Flighty is a personal flight tracking app. With a team of 5, we have built this iOS app in 2018 & 2019 and released the first version in July of 2019.
After 18 months of designing and developing this app, we have created a beautiful and powerful way to not just track flights, but to learn all about the plane, the route and the flight history.

The launch version of Flighty was a very clean and light iOS app. Our main focus was on creating a user experience that allows the user in a stressful situation at the airport to quickly figure out everything necessary about a flight. But also give them something to discover when they have some time on their hand.

The result is an app that only shows the most important details in the most prominent parts with the added depth of detail when the user starts scrolling.

A main feature is a custom-designed world map that shows the flights either in an overview or in the live position during the flight.

To ease the user into the Flighty experience and show some of the Flighty Pro features, we designed an onboarding experience containing 4 images, followed by the paywall to purchase Flighty Pro or continue as a free user.

The onboarding features a person in different airport scenarios, using Flighty to improve their travel experience.

To make a great first impression, the app icon was to show the user what to expect. With the clean and detailed plane on a dark gradient, we start with a pro feeling and attention to detail.

I tried a lot of different variations for the plane and the background. In the end, the pure black gradient in contrast with the white shiny plane was the one that represented Flighty the best.

An app about flights needs a lot of airline icons. Because we could not find these icons in the quality and variety we needed, we decided to draw them ourselves. So I made hundreds of airline icons in color, black&white and later in a dark mode variation. Here are just a few of them.