Illustrations for Caasco

Where the magic is happening

I am working with a StartUp based in London to build a B2B solution for travel disruptions. The project allows me to create a desktop application from scratch with all the design components.

Here you will find some of the illustrations I made for the marketing website. The start was a "coming soon" announcement on the website that I complimented with an illustration of a man, working to build a web application.

The main illustration for this project was the hero image. The idea for this illustration is to show the main use case of the app for all relevant users. It features a tablet with the (stylized) application in the front and a line of passengers waiting to be compensated behind it.

In addition to the hero illustration, I created images to complement the different features the app has. These images use the same colors and are kept very minimalistic to fit the overall style and feel the brand wants to convey.

To round things up, an image featuring different suitcases was added to the footer. This way it is very clear what market the application is serving.

The illustrations use the main dark blue brand color as well as the secondary brand color, a turquoise-green, as a highlight. In addition to these colors, I used a yellow to give the illustrations an even fresher look.

Coming Soon Illustration
Website Hero Illustration
Feature Illustrations
Website Footer Illustration
404 Site Illustration