The 30 second dance party.

Reading time ~ 2 minutes

Do you feel stuck sometimes? Can you watch your mood go down? Your power draining out of you like a waterfall? Getting more and more exhausted by the minute? It’s time to move.

Literally. Move. I don’t mean to change what you are doing; I literally mean moving your body. One of the best ways to do so is a 30-second dance party.

Maybe you remember this from the tv show “Grey’s Anatomy”. Maybe you’ve heard about it somewhere else. Or maybe the idea is new to you. But I can tell you it’s a fantastic way to push yourself and get happier instantly.

How to do it? Put on some music, get up and dance. 30 seconds are enough. Of course, you can enjoy the whole song. Or maybe one more. Or two more. However you feel, whatever you need.

No music around? Just sing. Sing out loud or give an excellent performance in your head. Just stand up and start moving!

No master-dancer? Who cares? It’s not about winning some talent show-it’s about making you happy. And if missing every beat and looking like a drunk monkey means you are happier, than that’s the way it is.

Not alone? Even better. I’m pretty sure the people around you need a dance party too sometimes. So why not make it a group performance. Not a good idea? Then you always can find a spot somewhere no one can see you boosting your mood. Or just sing in your head and shake your hips while getting something to drink.

So, without further ado: Stand up and dance!!