For a StartUp based in London, I designed the web application that is the center of the product. To protect the original design of this B2B product, I made a slightly different version to show here.

This web app is used for collecting data about transactions in different locations. Based on these the first screen was made to give an overview of the different transactions that happened the week before.

The data on this home screen can be customized by the user to show them what they are interested in.

The main device this application is used on is a desktop or tablet format. To accommodate the occasional mobile use of the app, the design was adjusted to fit different device sizes. For this to work, the different elements were stacked vertically.

The navigation icons for the app are using two colors that change depending on the background color. On a white backgrund, the blue brand color is used for the outline. Each icon has an element that is filled with the secondary, green brand color.

On a dark backgrund, the outline is white with the same element in the secondary color as on the dark background.

The colors are based on the dark blue brand color. Besides a secondary green color was chosen. To round up the color palette, I added a yellow color.