Flighty App Icon

Creating an app icon is one of the most important design jobs when designing an app. The app icon is the one element that the user will see first and even when they are not using the app. A truly great app icon is one that the user decides to keep visible on their phone because they enjoy what they see.

For Flighty, we decided on a very straight forward app icon to ensure that the icon tells what the app is all about. Furthermore, it was very important that the app icon conveys that the app is an expert tool and detail-oriented.

Once it was decided that the app icon should show a plane from the top, the design process started.
First up was finding the right form. We tried several real planes before we decided on a plane that looks good on the icon, rather than using an existing form. From there it was adding details, finding the right colors and shades, and deciding on a background.

Because the main item on this app icon is white, we can play with a lot of different backgrounds. This makes the app icon customizable for the user.