Icons for Caasco

I am working with a StartUp based in London to build a B2B solution for travel disruptions. The project allows me to create a desktop application from scratch with all the design components. Here you can find the icons I designed for the project.
You can find the illustrations I made for this project here.

The icons for this app use a simple to recognize language that makes it easy for the user to quickly find the right on in a stressful situation.

The main brand color is dark blue. Highlights are set in a complimentary green. The icons use both these colors to make them unique to this app as well as give them a fresh appeal.

The app uses the brand color as an indicator of the state. Meaning that an active/inactive navigation icon is not just changing the icon color, but betting a different background altogether. Therefore all icons are available in white as well as the dark blue brand color. Both versions use the green as a highlight.