I love to try new things, learn new stuff and experiment with what I have learned. And step by step I find more and more things that are the right fit for me. And then I keep learning and trying and experimenting.

What seems exhausting for some, is exciting to me. And out of this curiosity for the new and my love for exploring my coaching praxis came to life.

There is so much about the human being and the mind to discover and learn. Being it learning about the things that concern all of us in books or the problems of an individual during coaching or a cup of great coffee.

I am not a friend of talking about the same problem week after week. I want to get ahead and discover more and enjoy life. That's why my coachings are more intense. We don't beat around the famous bush but rather identify and solve the problem.

Exploring the mind, identifying the individual hurdles and using the own mind to live the life that feels right.

No problem is too big or too small to be solved. If it prevents you from being happy, it has to change.

When you are like me and want to remove your problems and issues instead of letting them stop you, I would love to hear from you. Being it for a chat, for a coaching or just like that.

Best, Verena