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Traveling is amazing. And if it is not only for holidays but rather for being a nomad, a lot of traveling will accumulate.

In July 2016 my husband and I started traveling. Since then we’ve been in 14 different countries and counting.

Everything started a few years earlier without 2-month camping tour through New Zealand. That’s when we realized how fantastic traveling is and how much the world has to offer.

Since then we have traveled from Asia via Europe to Canada and the US with a lot of stops in between.

From 35 degrees Celsius on the beach in Thailand to minues 10 degrees in the middle of nowhere in Scotland. We’ve seen (and felt) it all.

What we loved the most so far? That’s super hard to say. In general, I love the sun, but when standing in the middle of a sparking snowfield, I am very reluctant to leave.