Just decide. It doesn't matter.

Reading time ~ 3 minutes

Nobody really knows how many decisions each and every one of us makes every day. And about most of these decisions, we don’t think twice. We just do it. We eat, we drink, we breath. We just do it.

But there are some decisions we can’t stop thinking about. We talk them over with other people and think about them over and over again. We make lists of pros and cons, research everything there is to know about the topic, ask experts and friends, and still, we can’t decide what to do.

There is no right or wrong, there is no obvious choice, there is no gut feeling that tells us exactly what to do. And so we go, on thinking about the decision, dissecting it, putting it back together. And still, we don’t know what to do.

This can continue on for a long time. And if it isn’t a decision we really have to make or a decision we have to make at a certain point, it can go on forever.

I don’t deny that there are decisions we have to make that will have a significant impact on our life and the life of others. Some decisions have the power to change everything, for better or for worse. And the decision doesn’t even have to feel that big to have that big of an impact.

But, and this is crucial, most decisions don’t have this kind of impact on our life or anybody else. Most decisions we think so hard about, if we are honest with ourselves for a moment, don’t really matter.

Reflect on the last decisions you made that used up a lot of time and energy. The last decision you thought about so incredibly hard and long that it became the center of your universe for the time. Or maybe it still is. Think about this decision and try to be honest with you when you answer this question: “Does it really matter?”

Does it matter how you decide? Yes, some decisions will have a significant impact, but chances are, that this isn’t one of them. So no matter what you choose, no matter what your decision will be: It doesn’t matter.

There is no right or wrong. And there is no definite end. You still can change your mind later and go the other way or even better, find a new way. It doesn’t matter.

Once you realize that the decision isn’t as important as you let it become in your head, you can go on and just decide. Or maybe you don’t have to decide at all and can just let it go.

No matter what you do, the only important thing is that you do something. Life is too short and has too much to offer as that you can just sit around and occupy yourself with this one decision that doesn’t really matter. Just do it, or don’t, and go on with your life. There is so much more to it, but you won’t see it while you try to make the right decision.

Life isn’t about making right decisions. Life is about living, about doing, about going forward. Just do it, no matter what it is and see how it suits you. And if it doesn’t? Go the other way. Or the other way. Or the other way.