I don’t like it but: haters gonna hate.

Reading time ~ 3 minutes

Ever been to a party or other gathering you didn’t know a lot of people? As a digital nomad that’s a pretty common thing. Maybe you get to know some people, and they tell you about a party they are attending. You don’t have any other plans, so you decide to join them.

So you arrive there, maybe a little late, so your arrival doesn’t stand out. You just wander around and see if you know anyone. If you are lucky someone just says hi to you, and you can start talking and get to know new people. You start to enjoy yourself; you like the music, the people, you just feel good.

You decide to walk around some more and notice a group of people standing at the side and gazing at the other. You go a little closer to hear what’s going on. “What a lousy party.”, “It’s so boring.”, “Why isn’t there a DJ?”, “That just sucks.” And so on.

So you’re standing there, listening to them and start wondering. Why are they so upset? You’re having a very good time, why don’t they? Why are they standing on the sidelines, judging all the others and seem to have an awful time? Why aren’t they just leaving?

Yes, why aren’t they just leaving? Why have they to walk around and tell everyone who listens what a bad time they’re having? Why the hell do they have to spread their bad mood?

I always was irritated by that. If I don’t like the place, I leave. Or I just suck it up and try to enjoy myself anyway. Most of the time you can find someone to talk. Or you just get a drink and enjoy the music. Or you find something else. Or, like I said, you leave.

But there are many people that just stick around and complain. You never see them smile or hear them say anything nice. They just look grumpy. After wondering about that for a while, I realised something. Maybe they just want to be in a bad mood. Maybe they just want to hate everything. Maybe they enjoy being grumpy and want others to join them.

Of course, sometimes you are just in a bad mood. For no good reason or for the best reason. And when you are in a bad mood you want others to join you. You don’t want to be moody alone when there are people around you that are happy and are enjoying themselves. So you start to complain about everything to everyone. And there are going to be some other people that join you in your hate for the world and the party and the music and the decor and the sky and the tables and everything you want to hate.

So next time you are at a party or other gathering and there are people which just complain about everything, just walk away. Find people that enjoy themselves as much as you do and just have a great time.

But if you are the moody, complaining hater than just go on and hate it. It is ok. Find some people who are going to hate it with you but stop annoying all the other people that are having a good time. And if you can’t take it and just hating with a small group of people doesn’t do it any more than guess what: Just go. Please. Just get the hell outta there.