Follow the small things

Reading time ~ 3 minutes

Ever wonder when the next big idea will hit you like a lightning strike? The big idea for a bestselling book, a new product idea, a new career part, anything that will bring you a new and better and sparkling future?

Maybe this big idea will never come. Maybe I am just not made to be hit by something as dangerous and exciting as that. That means I can either keep waiting or give up. Just keep on living a simple life without anything bigger than me.

Or, instead of sitting on the couch and waiting for the big thing I can stand up and start walking in the right direction, to the right spot where either the lightning will strike, or I will reach my goal without this force of nature.

But how to start and how to find the path you ask?

Good question. And the answer is small and simple. Because the answer is: Follow the little clues.

Follow the little sparkling lights along the way.

Maybe it is a friend inviting you to get some coffee, and you talk about something exciting and it turns out that this friend is going to a concert with some other people and you tack along and meet someone that works in an exciting startup and can connect you with someone that knows someone that has an opportunity for you.

Or you go out for a walk and find a new path through the woods and see a deer and take a picture and post it on Instagram and someone you never knew liked it, and you start talking and fall in love and meet and have a bunch of kids and live happily ever after.

Or you start reading books and go to the library once a week and get new books, and the librarian recommends another book that you might have never found and you love it so much that you start reading everything this author ever wrote and you love each book a little bit more, and you start writing about it on Facebook and recommending it to everyone you know and are happy. And without your knowing you are the one that begins making this author famous so he can stop working his day job and can be there for his little girl and write a lot of other fantastic books.

No matter the little light, no matter the path it takes you, no matter if you know why you are taking this path or not. Follow the little lights and trust that they will bring you to where you are supposed to go. Trust that it is your path and it is the right path. Trust, just trust.